Jul 4, 2022 • 1HR 1M

The Exorcisthood of All Believers

Mason Mennenga on THE CONJURING

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A podcast by Alissa Wilkinson and Sam Thielman (and assorted awesome guests) about Christianity and the movies -- all kinds of movies.

Hello! Long time no post! Alissa is writing her book and Sam is working on [REDACTED] and we have let this fall by the wayside a little bit in the interest of drawing out the length between episodes, since we have precious little time to record these days. But we really ought to announce that sort of thing in the future, and for this we apologize. We have a very fun episode for you today, a little out of date but none the worse for wear, with the great Mason Mennenga, on James Wan’s faith-based film The Conjuring. We hope you enjoy it.

The image on the website is plate 43 from Francisco Goya’s series of 80 aquatint etchings, ‘Los Caprichos.’ The inscription on the stone table where the sleeping figure is resting their head reads translates to “The sleep of reason brings forth monsters.” Via The Met.

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