Where We Are in Our Faith Journey

Prepping season 2, that's where


I should have sent this out a couple weeks ago, so mea culpa, but Alissa and I are taking July to regroup and schedule stuff for the upcoming season. We have booked some new guests—one returning friend we think you’ll all be glad to see again, one wonderful novelist I’m very excited about, and some fellow podcasters—and picked our first couple months’ worth of movies. We’ll also have a subscribers-only episode for you next week, to thank folks who support us financially for sticking with us through the hibernation period.

But we did want you to know that we haven’t gone away and that we’re grateful to you guys for listening! We will see you in early August. We’re very excited for Season 2 of Young Adult Movie Ministry and we hope you are, too. Also, like… there’s a Dune movie coming out. We can’t just stop now.