Dec 24, 2021 • 1HR 5M

Vol. 2, Episode 12: Felt Loss


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A podcast by Alissa Wilkinson and Sam Thielman (and assorted awesome guests) about Christianity and the movies -- all kinds of movies.
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A large puppet explains the meaning of Christmas to two-time Oscar winner Michael Caine, CBE. Via Disney Plus

Details, credits, errata: Merry Christmas! This week’s episode is about The Muppet Christmas Carol, NOT A Muppet Christmas Carol, or Carol. Or Scrooge. Or Scrooged. There are lots of versions of the Charles Dickens novella, which you can see in its original manuscript form here. You can also visit it in person at the home, now museum, of real-life Scrooge JP Morgan!

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Our theme song is Louis Armstrong and His Hot 5’s Muskrat Ramble, made freely available by the Boston Public Library and audio engineering shop George Blood, LP through the Internet ArchiveThe Muppet Christmas Carol is copyright 1992 Jim Henson Productions; brief audio excerpts from the film are used here for purposes of review. All other material is copyright 2021 Sam Thielman and Alissa Wilkinson.