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Episode 47: I'd Buy That for a DollarListen now (75 min) | ROBOCOP with Mark Russell
Episode 46: You Wanna Talk to God?Listen now (73 min) | RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (subscribers)
Episode 45: Good Music, the Flesh, and the DevilListen now (73 min) | THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON with Gregory Thornbury
Episode 44: The Shadow of the TorturerListen now (87 min) | ZERO DARK THIRTY with Spencer Ackerman
Episode 43: MortifiedListen now (77 min) | SAINT MAUD
Episode 42: Notes on Church CampListen now (77 min) | A WEEK AWAY with Emily Van Der Werff and Cassie LaBelle
Episode 41: Tales From the CrisperListen now (62 min) | VEGGIE TALES (subscribers)
Episode 40: Thigh Guy SummerListen now (89 min) | BLACK NARCISSUS with Jessica Winter
Episode 39: [Whispers to date] "That's the resurrection"Listen now (76 min) | ALIEN RESURRECTION with Sarah Welch-Larson
Episode 38: St. Joan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DayListen now (79 min) | THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC with Rob Weinert-Kendt