Vol. 2, Episode 5: That's a Pipeline

THERE WILL BE BLOOD with Vinson Cunningham


Details, credits, errata: This week we’re delighted to have the great Vinson Cunningham, theater critic at The New Yorker, essayist, humorist, and all-around terrific writer whose work we heartily recommend to you. We watched P.T. Anderson’s 2007 masterpiece There Will Be Blood, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano, beloved of our hosts but new to Vinson. Vinson is really wonderful and open about his own experience of charismatic worship and we are very happy to have him on this one.

Our photo on the site this week is of a Baptism near Mineola, Tx. in 1935, taken by ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax, the researcher who helped to popularize Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Lead Belly. Alissa recommends this SNL clip.

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