Nov 17, 2021 • 1HR 24M

Vol. 2, Episode 9: How to Live in a Circle

Meg Conley on ARRIVAL (2016)

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A podcast by Alissa Wilkinson and Sam Thielman (and assorted awesome guests) about Christianity and the movies -- all kinds of movies.
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The name “Louise” (Amy Adams) in the alien language of the heptapods. Via

Details, credits, errata: This week’s guest is Meg Conley, the terrific writer of homeculture, a newsletter about, uh, home culture! It’s very good and you may have seen it around as Meg’s work often attracts the kind of attention that elevates thoughtful writing into the general discourse. Meg was incredibly forthright and insightful about this week’s movie, Arrival, one of our favorites, and very open and honest about her own life in the Mormon church, as well. We thank her for it.

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